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Padded protective covers for refrigerators

Event catering

Where eating enjoyment matters, our protective covers prove to be extremely practical: Equipment, food and drinks reach the event location safely protected, and they also present the catering company’s logo in a prominent position.

(en) Hoher Nutzen

Great benefit

The shock-absorbing nylon fabric with foam velour padding on the inside offers optimal protection during transport and storage of equipment with sensitive surfaces.

Great benefit Schutzhüllen, Schutzhauben für Eventgastronomie | HINDERMANN

(en) Markenzeichen

Trademark Schutzhüllen, Schutzhauben für Eventgastronomie | HINDERMANN


If desired, we can customize the PVC soft film for you and stitch on a printed logo. This way the protective cover also functions as a brand ambassador and an eye-catcher.

(en) Langlebig


As the saying goes: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Often zippers are the weak spots. However, the robust zippers we use promise durability.

Durable Schutzhüllen, Schutzhauben für Eventgastronomie | HINDERMANN

(en) Praktisch

Practical Schutzhüllen, Schutzhauben für Eventgastronomie | HINDERMANN


Incorporated hand holes make it possible to transport the protected refrigerator easily and safely. We develop a practical and helpful solution for almost any requirement.

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