(en) Labortechnik

dust covers for medical equipment

Lab and medical equipment

Sophisticated technology requires first-class protection. Premium quality, meticulous workmanship and the attractive design make our individually developed protective covers the ideal candidates for the medical environment where cleanliness and purity are paramount.

(en) Hygienisch


Covers made of PVC soft film protect your technical devices from dust and other external elements. Make sure you get a high level of hygienic protection. We create custom-made protective covers for any type of equipment.

Hygienic Medical ­equipment

(en) Mehrwert

Added value Medical ­equipment1

Added value

Transparent films ensure that even a covered screen can continue to be used. For value-added product design, we coordinate the material selection with your requirements for the perfect blend.

(en) Verarbeitung


Devices that are designed for a long service life, deserve correspondingly durable protection. That’s why we use materials that we believe in and offer you high-quality workmanship.

Worksmanship Medical ­equipment2

(en) Identity

Identity Medical ­equipment3


Under every customized cover for medical equipment, there is a brand name. Emphasize the high-quality appearance by having the company logo applied via screen printing technology.

(en) Emotional Medizintechnik

dust covers for optical equipment

Medical equipment

(en) Individualisierbar


Customized protective covers for medical devices are tailor-made by us. Your own screen-printed company logo complements the technical quality of the protective cover with a visual enhancement.

Customizable Medical ­equipment5

(en) Liebe zum Detail

Attention to detail Medical ­equipment6

Attention to detail

Your ideas enable us to develop the best product: The choice of suitable materials, appropriate manufacturing and plenty of attention to detail, finally lead to tailor-made protection.

(en) Deutsche Qualität

German quality

“Made in Germany” is a phrase for quality. In our case it means the protective cover is uniquely developed in cooperation with you and manufactured directly on our premises. Short spans between development and production ensure high quality.

German quality Medical ­equipment7

(en) Freie Auswahl

Free choice Medical ­equipment8

Free choice

We have, and manufacture, semi-transparent as well as lightproof films and fleeces in a variety of colors and shades. Windows, bordered edges or imprints create scope for a design reflecting your corporate identity.

(en) Emotional Medizintechnik

dust covers for optical equipment

Medical equipment

(en) Polsterung


You know where it matters most. That’s why we develop every protective cover exactly according to your requirements. A special padding protects the ultrasound machine’s sensitive electronics from physical impact.

Padding Medical ­equipment10

(en) Maximalschutz

Maximum protection Medical ­equipment11

Maximum protection

The small, customized cover protects the operation panel not only against physical impact, but also against dust and moisture. When the monitor is folded down, a second, larger cover protects the entire unit when not in use.

(en) Gurtsystem

Belt system

Open and close the machine’s cover quickly with the practical belt system. Thanks to precisely positioned holes, the ultrasound machine’s handle is also easily accessible when the cover is closed.

Belt system Medical ­equipment12

(en) Qualität

Quality Medical ­equipment13


Plan for the adequate protection when your product becomes ready for the market. A protective cover by HINDERMANN makes all the difference – because quality is decisive and guarantees long functional reliability.

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