(en) Lebensmittelindustrie

protective covers, thermal protection, hygiene protection

Food industry

Cooling, keeping warm or maintaining cleanliness – as diverse as the requirements in food handling are, so diverse are the characteristics and features of our customized protective covers for equipment and room dividers. Sophisticated details guarantee clever additional benefits.

(en) Märkte und Handel

covers for roll containers

Food markets and trade

Food markets and trade Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Reissverschlüsse


Two parallel zippers on the front allow you to comfortably load and unload roll containers. The sliders and zippers used are strong, of high quality and durable.

Zippers Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Isolierend

Insulated Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN


Thanks to the thermally insulating cover, the roll container can stand in front of the supermarket for some time, without fruit and vegetables getting spoiled. Even wearing gloves, the large zippers can be easily operated.

(en) Sichttasche

Transparent pocket

A stitched-on transparent pocket can hold delivery documents and opens at the top. Upon request, we can equip the thermal cover with zippers on the front and back.

Transparent pocket Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Qualität

Quality Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN


The high-quality binding tape made of nubuck synthetic leather, stitched with an equally durable seam protects the cover from rapid wear. Manufacturing and material are designed for intensive use.

(en) Emotional Großküchentechnik

dust covers for plate warmers

Commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Energiesparend

Saves energy

Thermally insulating, robust and foldable: Under the covering, you can warm up plates in an energy-conscious way and keep them warm for a longer period of time. The incorporated metal eyelets prevent heat build-up.

Saves energy Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Qualität

Quality Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN


Details distinguish products and the sum of all the details make the difference in quality. This is true for the protected product – as well as for its cover. We pay attention to quality in every aspect, especially workmanship.

(en) Schutz


Before serving, the protective cover not only keeps plates warm, but also offers protection during longer storage and on-hold periods, as well as against external factors. The stitched-on transparent pocket can be used for operating instructions.

Protection Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Formvollendet

Perfectly designed Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

Perfectly designed

It doesn’t matter whether your products need thermal, dust or impact protection, our protective covers are developed and delivered with the desired features, in all forms and sizes exactly according to your requirements.

(en) Emotional Lebensmittelproduktion

hygienic protection for industrial spaces

Food industry

Food industry Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Klettverschluss

Velcro fastening

Use our hall dividers for increased hygiene: Large halls can be subdivided quickly and securely by connecting the individual elements of our extra-large tarpaulins via the robust, 50mm-wide Velcro fastening strips.

Velcro fastening Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Geringes Gewicht

Lightweight Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN


The PVC-free material is ideally suited for cold surrounding temperatures – without being heavy. An area measuring 9 x 42m weighs less than 65 kilograms.

(en) Gewebeeinlage

Textile insert

The top and bottom wide hems of the room dividers are reinforced with textile inserts. While strong, clip-on eyelets made of plastic are incorporated at the top, the bottom hem can be used for weights.

Textile insert Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN

(en) Maßanfertigung

Tailor-made Schutzhüllen, Thermohauben, Lebensmittelhygiene | HINDERMANN


We manufacture the hall dividers and complete customization to your hall on site. That’s how we make sure that they fulfill their intended task with the greatest benefit for you and your production team.

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